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English - Key Stage Four

Edexcel English Language and Literature (2 GCSE grades)  OR Edexcel English (1 GCSE grade)


There are two routes through GCSE English following either the Language and Literature dual certificate course or the English only course.  The content of the dual certificate course is challenging and the pace fast-moving.  We recommend that students take this course if interested in studying English at a more advanced level at post-16.  The majority of our students will take the English only pathway.  Wherever possible, we will work in partnership with students and parents to ensure that students follow the correct course for them.  Due to timetabling and class sizes, the English department will make the final decision about which course is most suitable for individual students.


Edexcel English Language and Literature GCSE course content

English Language unit 1:  English Today - 20%

Controlled assessment reading and writing tasks. 

Responses to pre-released tasks and materials.

English Language unit 2: The Writer’s Voice - 40%

Exam unit.

Section A – one reading response to either an extract from a different cultures prose text or an extract from a non-fiction text.

Section B – Writing task (expressing attitudes and opinions)

English Language unit 3: Spoken Language – 40%

Controlled assessment

3x speaking & listening tasks

One spoken language study

One writing task – writing for the spoken voice

English Literature unit 1: Understanding Prose – 50%

Exam unit.

Section A – four-part question based on a given extract from a previously studied Literary Heritage text. 

Section B – essay response to different cultures text.

 Clean copies of both texts are provided for the exam (open book exam)

English Literature unit 2: Understanding poetry – 25%

Exam unit. 

Section A – response to unseen poem. 

Section B – essay comparing 2 poems from a previously studied poetry collection. 

Clean copies of the poems are provided in the exam (open book exam)

English Literature unit 3: Shakespeare and Contemporary Drama – 25%

Two controlled assessment tasks.

Shakespeare:  Comparison between original play and modern adaptation.

Contemporary Drama: Response to task set by Edexcel on themes, characters or staging.

Edexcel English GCSE course content

Unit 1: English Today – 20%

Controlled assessment reading and writing tasks. 

Responses to pre-released tasks and materials.

Unit 2:  The Writer’s Craft – 40%

Exam unit.

Reading response to a different cultures text

Reading response to a Shakespeare text

Writing task (expressing attitudes and opinions)

This is a closed book exam.  Copies of the texts are not allowed (key extracts are provided for some questions).

Unit 3: Creative Responses – 40%

Controlled assessment.

3x speaking & listening tasks

Response to poetry

Writing task (imaginative response to stimulus provided by exam board).




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