Year 10 Work Experience

Students are expected to find their own work experience placements. Please use the links below to help find a placement.  If you need further advice or information then please see Mrs Andrews (Office next to Finance Office).  Mrs Andrews is usually available during registration, morning breaks and lunchtime and can help you with application forms, interviews, placement suggestions and any questions you might have.    


Logging in
Use this link to go to the Webview site where you can search for possible placements. You will need to log in using your full first name and surname and the pin number which will be given to you by your Tutor in October. This site is only available to Year 10 students.

What is it?
A database of local employers who have offered work placements to Devon students in the past. All have been checked on health and safety previously but may now need a recheck. You can research on the site at home with your parents, in the Library or on other available computers at College.

What is it for?
The names and addresses give you a starting point towards finding a placement that will suit you and your interests/abilities. Many may be willing to accept a student again this year but please do not assume this. They will need to be approached once again to see if they are interested.

What do I do?
Follow the instructions. Once you have selected the employers you would like to approach, contact them by letter or email requesting a placement.  When an employer agrees to offer you a place, then go to Mrs Andrews to collect a Yellow Work Experience Form; your parent/carer and employer will need to complete this and you need to hand it back in to Mrs Andrews as soon as possible.

Type in the web address 
This screen will be displayed, click on STUDENT.        
Ensure the SCHOOL is set to ‘Honiton Community College’ – if not select it from the drop down list.
Type in your full first name and surname and pin number and click on LOGIN.    
Click on SEARCH on the blue toolbar.

This is the Search Screen - it enables you to search the database for employers that have offered work experience placements in the past.   There is no need to complete all of the fields; searches can be made using one or a combination of the criteria.   (Useful Tip - initially it is better to keep your search criteria quite general and then narrow it down later).  If you were looking for a work placement in a primary school in Honiton, check the Education and Training box, and then from the drop down box Town / Area choose HONITON then press SEARCH.     

The screen will now list all of the schools within the Honiton area. If you are interested in one of them then click on the yellow box VIEW to see their address, contact details and telephone number.        

If you wanted to see all employers in Honiton that were offering work placements just populate the field Town/Area with Honiton and then press SEARCH - this will now bring up all employers in Honiton who are offering work placements.

That’s it! . . . . . All you need to do is to make contact with the employers to find out if they are able to offer you a placement and to find out more about the type of work you will be undertaking. Then let us know how you got on! Once you have handed in your Yellow Work Experience Form then we can write to your employer and arrange the health and safety checks.

If you have any problems using the database, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Andrews.

Finding a Placement
When looking for a placement remember:

  • There is a health and safety checking fee of approximately £20 - £35 for placements outside of Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Cornwall. This is payable before the health and safety check can take place. For placements within these areas, the checking fee is paid by the College.
  • Placements should not be arranged working directly with parents or close relatives.
  • Students should find a placement where they have not worked before, either in part time employment, as a volunteer or as an extended work experience placement.
  • Make sure you will be able to travel to the place of work each day; you will be expected to work normal company hours which will be longer than school hours – a consideration if you usually catch the school bus.
  • If you haven’t received a reply after 2 -3 weeks you will need to ring the employer and politely ask if they have received your application and if they can offer you a placement.
  • When ringing or visiting an employer make sure that you have a pen and paper ready to write down any information you are given. Make sure you know the dates of your work experience (18 to 22 July 2016). Write down any names, telephone numbers, dates or times that you are given. If the person you need to speak to isn’t there find out when it would be a good time to ring back or visit again.
  • Many employers have told us that they prefer to be approached directly by the student, although this might be a bit scary the first time you do it, it will be much easier if you are prepared before you make the first call or visit.
  • The employer might ask you to visit for an informal interview, make sure you write down the date and time, and read through the “Going for an interview” fact sheet before you go.
  • If the employer can’t offer you a placement then you can get some more forms from Mrs Andrews.  

When You Have a Placement  
When you have found an employer who is willing to take you then you need to hand in your completed Yellow Work Experience Form as soon as possible.  There are 3 parts which must all be completed in full:

  • Firstly, your parent/carer must complete and sign the medical declaration.
  • The employer then fills in their side of the form and completes and signs the risk assessment.
  • Your parent/carer can then complete the last section giving consent for you to attend the work experience placement 

Hand in your form to Mrs Andrews as soon as you have all the signatures. The paperwork will then be processed and the Devon EBP will be informed who organise all the health and safety checks to make sure the employer has the correct insurance in place and that it is a safe environment for you to work in.

It will not be possible to change your placement once you have given in your Yellow Form except in exceptional circumstances, and only then with the permission of Mrs Andrews.  

What is an interview for?
An employer will often want to interview a student before accepting them onto a work experience placement; this is your chance to make a good impression and also to find out if this is where you really want to do your work experience.

Important things to remember
Remember it’s you who is being interviewed – most employers won’t mind if you take along your parent/carer for support – but do remember it’s you they want to meet, so do the talking yourself!

Remember to turn up on time and to look smart, if you are running late or can’t make the interview then ring them up and let them know.

At the interview sit up straight, don’t fidget, and talk clearly.

At the interview
Usually the employer will explain a bit about the company and type of work involved and then ask you some questions. Make sure you research the company beforehand. Here is a list of the types of questions an employer might ask; think about your answers, write them down, and practice with someone beforehand.

Why do you want to do your work experience at this company?
Why do you want to work in this industry/career?
What do you know about this industry/career/company?
What are you going to do when you leave school?
What does the Work Experience Scheme involve?
What subjects are you studying at school?
Which is your favourite subject and why?
What are your strengths/weaknesses?
What hobbies and interests do you have?
Tell me about any weekend or holiday jobs you’ve done.

After the employer has asked you some questions then ask some of your own, especially if there is something that you are not sure about, or something that the employer forgot to mention. I have listed some possible questions to ask below:

What sort of jobs/work will I be doing?
Do I need to have any special clothes or will they be supplied? ie. apron, hairnet, steel toe capped boots, overalls, hard hat, wellies.
What time should I start and finish?
Will I get any training?
Is there anything I’m not allowed to do?
Do I need to bring a packed lunch?

When can I expect to hear if they can offer me a placement?

It’s a good idea to take a pen and paper so you can write down any important information




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