Careers/Work Experience

Careers/Work Experience

The Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) programme at Honiton Community College makes a major contribution to preparing young people for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.

 "Honiton Community College recognises the value of work experience and it is viewed as an integral part of College activity."  

The careers education and guidance programme at Honiton Community College makes a major contribution to preparing young people for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. A planned progressive programme of activities supports them in choosing 14-19 pathways to suit their interests and abilities in preparing for a career path to sustain employability throughout their working lives.

Delivering CEIAG (Careers Information, Advice and Guidance) is a whole College priority. The tutorial programme (Life Skills) for Years 7-9 has a detailed CEIAG input in preparation for milestone decisions for Year 9 options. However, all subject teachers, tutors and associate staff contribute and have a vital part to play in accurate, impartial and appropriate CEIAG.

College staff will direct students to see our Careers SW advisor and in addition to recommend websites and publications in the Careers Library.

Students and their families are advised and consulted by teachers, tutors, governors, Careers SW and other IAG staff prior to making choices at KS4 and KS5


Key Stage 3

  • To help young people to find out, and feel positive, about themselves so that they believe that they can do well in the future and reach their full potential;
  • Learn about the challenges and opportunities of different roles in life and the relationships between them;
  • Find out about different opportunities in learning and work, including those that they may not have thought about for themselves;
  • Develop and practise the skills that will help them to investigate opportunities and choose subjects, courses and qualifications to aim for;
  • Learn to cope with change and transition, make decisions and plan for the future.


Key Stage 4

  • To help young people to assess, develop and practise the skills they need to investigate opportunities, plan ahead, make an evaluate decisions and transitions;
  • Identify and build on their personal and career interests, employability skills, work values and learning styles;
  • Clarify their ideas about the future, find out about opportunities in learning and work, and test their ideas through practical experience and discussion;
  • Explore the problems and situations that arise in learning and work and how to deal with them;
  • Develop and practise their self-presentation skills;
  • Make decisions, plan for the future and prepare for transition.


Key Stage 5

  • To help students with accurate knowledge and consideration of choices for employment, university, Apprenticeships, further education and gap year information.
  • Identify employability skills, additional work experience, writing CVs, mock interviews, fundraising challenges.
  • Visits to universities.
  • Personal identity, time management skills, life skills – car, home finance, cooking.
  • Survival skills workshops, budgeting, ‘Learn to Live’ safety conference.




"The College holds firm with the opinion that students that leave us will be better prepared for the world of employment after work experience."  

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