Studying the past can give you a real insight into people and politics of today. Here at Honiton Community College we aim to give a wide-ranging curriculum in all respects.


History - Key Stage Five

AQA A Level History

History is about people, which is what life is about. As an individual it is important to understand the world in which we live. History looks at art, psychology, geography, economics, sociology, science, literature, politics, individuals, national cultures and more.

The syllabus is based on 4 separately examined modules. The 1st 2 form the AS level and the final 2 achieve the A Level award.

Overall, the course is designed to offer a range of history dealing with Britain, Vietnam and America, Communist Russia and it allows the opportunity for students to pursue their own interests.

Exam Board: AQA History 2040 (clck here



Slimy Stuarts

Britain, 1603-1642


Attacking Americans and venomous Vietnamese

The USA and Vietnam, 1961 - 1975

A2: HIS 3

Collapsing Communists

Triumph and Collapse: Russia and the USSR, 1941 - 1991

A2: HIS 4X

Incredible Individuals

Historical Enquiry



History - Key Stage Four

Edexcel GCSE History B (Schools History Project)


The Edexcel GCSE in History B (Schools History Project) aims to:

? actively engage students in the process of historical enquiry to develop them as effective and independent learners, and as critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds

? develop students’ knowledge and coherent understanding of selected periods, societies and aspects of history

? develop students’ awareness of how the past has been represented, interpreted and accorded significance for different reasons and purposes

? develop students’ abilities to ask relevant questions about the past and to investigate them critically using a range of sources in their historical context

? enable students to organise and communicate their historical knowledge and understanding in creative and different ways and reach substantiated judgements

? recognise that students’ historical knowledge, understanding and skills help them understand the present and provide them with a basis for their role as responsible citizens, as well as allowing further study of history.


1. Marvelous Medicine 

Development Study - Medicine and Treatment

In this unit you will learn about human development and change in history over a long period of time. You will use the skills developed in year 7, 8 and 9 History to study medicine and treatment from the Roman world right through to the medicine you use today. We will investigate changing ideas about the cause of disease, the nature of cures and how public health has changed.

2. Nasty Nazis

Depth Study - Life in Nazi Germany c.1919 - C.1945

This enquiry examines the reasons for and the impact of the dictatorship of the Nazis on Germany. We study The Rise of the Nazi Party where we investigate the growth of the Nazi Party through the 1920s and the impact of the Wall Street Crash in 1929.                                       

We then explore the Government of the Third Reich and the way Hitler was able to create a Nazi State and how he controlled people in Germany.

Finally we examine the Social impact of the Nazi State on a wide range of people, including the young, women and ethnic minorities and how the Nazis used their economic policies to appeal to the people of Germany.

3. Severe Surgey

Source Enquiry - The Transformation of Surgery

This unit builds upon the knowledge and understanding of the development of medicine gained in the Development study and you will learn how sources become evidence in history and how a real historian researches in a source enquiry. We focus on Pain, Bleeding and Infection.


4. Bombarded Brits

Representation in History - The impact of War on Britain c. 1914 - c. 1950

In the final unit we will study how the Two World Wars affected life in Britain and still affects us today. This unit’s focus changes every year and could mean you study any of the following in detail:

Government organisation for war

The experience of fighting

How people living in Britain coped with the war

The impact of war on British Society


History - Key Stage Three

In Key Stage Three we are studying a thematic curriculum across students first three years at Honiton Community College. Students have three hours of History a fortnight. In year 7 we focus on the causes, development and consequences of conflict through time, from the Romans right up to the Second World War.

In Year 8 the themes are People, Power and Protest. Topics include the power of Cleopatra, the French Revolution, the fall of the Slave trade and the struggle for Votes for women.

In Year 9 we are in the final year of our chronological approach to History and students will be studying the Industrial Revolution, The First World War, the rise of dictators in Europe and the Second World War.


Year 7

What is History?

A general introduction to the skills and concepts needed to study History over the coming three years at HCC

Conquering Normans

Why was William able to win the battle of Hastings?

Was it luck or skills that enables William to be victorious over the Anglo - Saxons

Cracking Castles

How did castles help medieval monarchs keep power?

A look at Chepstow Castle – and how Castle development helped monarchs consolidate and control

Spiteful Spanish

How effectively did the Elizabethan navel fleet deal with the Spanish armada?

What was the Spanish Armada and how naval power help Elizabeth deal with the Spanish threat, or was the victory more a result of luck?

Spiteful Stuarts

The English Civil War - A victory for the common man

How did the tactics of Oliver Cromwell help the Parliamentarians win over the Kings forces?

Blistering Boer War

Was the Boer War the first modern conflict?

Why did such a conflict develop? How was it fought and who were the victors?

Frightful First World War

The First World War - an emotional experience for the British Soldier

A traumatic experience in the life of a large number of young men nearly 100 years ago, we aim to develop our students ability to empathise with the thoughts and feelings of so many who gave their lives.


Year 8

Awesome Egyptians

How Powerful were the Egyptian Pharaohs?

Who was Cleopatra and how did she rise and fall from power?

Ruined Romans

What was the cause of the collapse of the Roman Empire

How did such a large and all powerful empire fall so dramatically?

Marvelous Muslims 

Rulers of the Muslim World

How differently did government develop in the Muslim world?

Measly Monarchs

How far did power shift from the monarch during the Medieval Realms?

How did the medieval monarchs lose their once all powerful grip on government?

Outrageous Oliver

Was Oliver Cornwall a Hero or a Villain of the people 

Was Oliver Cromwell really a better alternative than Charles II?

Off with their heads!

The French Revolution - Why did the people chop off their king's head?

Why do the French choose to react against their rulers in such a dramatic fashion?

Savage Slavery

Slave Trade - How far are people the source of wealth?

Despite a more democratic government how do we allow people to become slaves? Also how did we bring an end to the trade?

Valiant Voters


How did woman win the vote?

Women proved their worth with the men during World War One and still had to fight to gain equal rights to vote – who did they eventually win the right?


Year 9

Incredible Industrial Revolution

One of the greatest periods of change for the masses in Britain we look at the positive and negative impacts such dramatic change had on everyday life.

Frightful First World War

A traumatic experience in the life of a large number of young men nearly 100 years ago, we aim to develop our student’s ability to empathise with the thoughts and feelings of so many who gave their lives.

Rotten European Dictators

How does war lead to the development of such extremes of government in the 1920’s and 30’s and how does this lead to more conflict?

Woeful Second World War

A chance for students to develop their independent investigative skills by focusing, in detail, on a battle of their choice from such a varied conflict



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