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A brand new iniative to HCC

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  • A brand new scheme for HCC

Since September 2013, Honiton Community College has introduced a brand new initiative, the Sports Academy. The Sports Academy has been designed to increase the provision already in place for talented and enthusiastic young sports people at HCC. It has been divided in to two areas, The Sports Academy and the Junior Sports Academy. The Sports Academy allows pupils to combine their academic and/or vocational studies with a comprehensive training schedule, mirroring that of a professional athlete.

Sky Sports Living For Sport Visit

Honiton Community College welcomed Heather Fell, Olympic silver medallist at modern pentathlon on Thursday 7th January as part of the Sky Sports Living for Sport project. Heather spent time with our Year 10 P.E most able and a handful of our Junior Sports Academy students. During her time with us, Heather introduced the 6 key steps to success which are messages not only applicable to sport but also to carry through to adulthood.

Heather told the story of her sporting background and how she got in to one of the more obscure sports at the Olympics. This process naturally involved lots of ups and downs including injuries, funding barriers and selection setbacks. This very personal story which culminated in international recognition at the Beijing Olympics where Heather achieved a silver medal, was proof to our students that with talent, tenacity and resilience it is possible to achieve success.

The second part of the day for our highly able and Junior Sports Academy students was to take part in a practical workshop designed to promote teamwork, communication and competitiveness. Naturally, our students thoroughly enjoyed this element of the day. The students took part in a number of different activities both physical and mental and showed an excellent attitude throughout the day.

The final part of the day for our students was to have a go at some basic fencing moves which Heather demonstrated (fencing being one of the disciplines in modern pentathlon). The students had a good go at this, despite some of them not being natural fencers. It was very rewarding watching the students taking on new ideas and skills and attempting them with a positive attitude.

In the afternoon, Heather was kind enough to speak to our Btec Sport sixth form students about their current unit of work, Sports Development. Heather was able to talk about the different areas of her sport and touch on some of the infrastructure that is in place at elite level and some of the barriers that were in place and how she overcame them.

The whole day was a complete success and I am very grateful for Heather for giving up her time and for all the students involved as they represented the college excellently. 



The Sports Academy is for year 12 and 13 pupils and as part of this new scheme, pupils will be provided with a brand new kit line in order to create an identity for the Sports Academy around College and to be able to train in suitable clothing.

They will have 2 hours per week timetabled for sports conditioning sessions. They will also receive training diaries designed to identify their training needs and to monitor and record their strength and conditioning programmes. In addition, these pupils will have regular meetings with the Mr Skelding (Sports Academy Co-ordinator) in order to monitor their development.



Junior Sports Academy

The Junior Sports Academy applies to year 10 and 11 pupils (with some exceptions from younger years) and is aimed at identifying and supporting young athletes within HCC and providing them with an environment, in which to flourish.

The Junior Sports Academy will take on 3 tiers with varying levels of provision:

Level Three

There will be 8 pupils from year 10 and 11 who will receive a scholarship including Sports Academy kit, which can be worn in core PE lessons, Sports Academy sessions, conditioning sessions and GCSE PE practical lessons. In addition, they will receive a training diary and a conditioning programme and sessions. They will also have regular monitoring sessions with Mr Skelding. In addition, these pupils will attend Sports Academy sessions after College if they fall under Rugby, Football, Netball or Basketball. If a pupil is in the top tier but not under these 4 sports, then they will receive everything except for the Academy sessions.

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Level Two

Level two pupils will have access to the Academy session after College and some conditioning sessions. Pupils who have shown consistent commitment to clubs and fixtures in College will also receive training diaries and ALL will have the option to purchase the Sports Academy kit range through the College VLE.

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Level One

Level One pupils will have access to after College Academy sessions and will have the option to purchase the Sports Academy kit from the College VLE.

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