Geography - Key Stage 4

Geography - Key Stage Four

GCSE Geography.

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Geography is well known as a subject that links to all other subjects in the curriculum, so a GCSE in Geography is a stepping stone to a whole range of opportunities. A good grade will help to move you on to any AS, Applied A Level or BTEC course. You may want to continue your study of geography or take a course such as a BTEC National in Travel and Tourism which has a more work related approach.

The skills you develop can lead you to employment opportunities in journalism, media, engineering, IT, travel and tourism, environmental management, marketing, business management and teaching. Geographers are everywhere!


Tectonic Landscapes.

The earth is not dead. Plate movements cause earthquakes and volcanic activity is found in many areas. We need to understand and measure these powerful forces both for our own personal protection and to prevent widespread damage to property.

A Watery World.

The twenty first century is likely to be dominated by conflict over resource shortages. Water is the most basic of resources and is going to be the one that causes most conflict.

Coastal Landscapes.

Everyone in Devon lives within forty miles of the coast. The climate is less extreme, the farming more productive and links with the outside world easier. With increasing pressure globally coastal areas need management and protection.

Controlled assessment. Dawlish Warren.

The sand bar at Dawlish Warren is disappearing. So what? This spit protects every village and town on the Exe Estuary from storm surge flooding. Is there anything we can do about it? 

Population Change.

Population growth is one of the most challenging issues for the planet. Can we cope with another three billion people in the next thirty years and what impact do varying growth rates have on different parts of the world?

A Tourists World.

Tourism is the fastest growing industry in the world. It has a range of positive and negative impacts on people and the environment. For poorer countries it can offer one of the very few sources of income.

Challenges for the Planet.

Climate change is controversial. We know that the global climate is changing and many believe that human activity is the main cause. Some, but not all, scientists think the results will be disastrous. What we can do about it and what we choose to do about it are big issues for us all.

Geographical Skills.

Geographical skills are an essential part of modern life. You need them to find your way around and to understand and interpret the world around you. They have a practical value that will not just make you more knowledgeable about the world, but also make you move around it more effectively and efficiently.


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