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Please see below for the current policy documents


For a copy of the following policies please contact the College:(Staff can access these 3 policies via the College shared drive-collegeadmin-policies)

  • Business Travel Policy
  • Conduct Policy
  • Redundancy Policy for Academies
  • Please contact the college should you require further details

Exclusions - Honiton Community College follow the Department for Education Guidance ‘Exclusion from maintained schools, Academies and pupil referral units in England – A guide for those with legal responsibilities in relation to exclusion’.  This can be accessed via the following link:


 Further information regarding exclusions can also be found in the college’s Behaviour Policy which can be accessed via this page.


Admissions Policy - Consulatation

The Admissions Policy 2019-20 was considered by the admissions authority and proposed for consultation on 4 October 2017. This will be determined by the admissions authority on 31 January 2018 following a public consultation between 1 November 2017 and 5 January 2018. It will be reviewed and determined annually. Once this policy is determined, it will be published on our website and at www.devon.gov.uk/admissionarrangements. The draft Policy can be found in the list below.


Click to view (some files will need to be downloaded).
Acceptable Behaviour 407 kB
Access Plan 2014-17 315 kB
Admissions Arrangements Policy for 2017-18 879kB
Admissions Arrangements Policy for 2018-19  
Admission Policy  
Adoption Policy 459 kB
Appraisal Policy 2017 619 kB
Asbestos Policy 69 kB
Assets and Depreciation 273 kB
Associate Staff Appraisal Guidance 651 kB
Attendance Policy  
Behaviour Policy Updated Sept 17  
Capability Policy 373 kB
Charging and Remissions Policy  
Child Protection Policy Update Sept 2017 523 kB
College Letting Policy Statement 484 kB
Complaints Procedure Policy 469 kB
Data Protection 459 kB
Debtors and Debt Recovery Updated May 2017 383 kB
Disclosure and Barring Service Policy  
Equality Policy 207 kB
Exam Contingency Policy  
Exit Policy 472 kB
Feedback and Assessment Policy 235 kB
Finance Policy 451 kB
Fire Emergency Plan February 2017  
Flexible Working Policy 394 kB
Fraud Policy and Response 297 kB
Freedom of Information Act 2000 580 kB
Gifts and Hospitality 214 kB
Governors' Allowances (Expenses) Policy 203 kB
Grievance Policy 690 kB
Health and Safety Policy 2017 459 kB
Home Learning Policy 405 kB
ICT Policy 516 kB
Intimate Care Policy 383 kB
Investment Policy 242 kB
Literacy Policy update May 2017 319 kB
Local Government Pension Scheme 310 kB
Maximising Attendance and Managing Sickness Absence Policy 541 kB
Maternity Policy 450 kB
More and Most Able Policy updated May 2017 311 kB
Offsite Activity Organisation Guidance 2017 266 kB
Outdoor Education, Visit and Off-site Activities 2016 2119 kB
Paternity Policy  362 kB
Probationary Policy 389 kB
Pay Policy  
Recruitment & Selection 414 kB
Risk Register  
SEND Policy 359 kB
Shared Parental Leave Policy (adoption) 154 kB
Shared Parental Leave Policy (birth) 156 kB
Smoking at Work Policy 251 kB
Sex and Relations Education Policy update May 2017 459 kB
Staff Leave Absence 438 kB
supporting pupils With Medical Conditions May 2017 470 kB
Time Off For Adoption Appointment Policy 125 kB
TOIL Policy updated May 2017 328 kB
Whistleblowing Policy 483 kB
Work Experience Policy 87 kB




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