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GCSE Results

Another record year for Honiton

This year Honiton Community College has achieved a 15% rise in our 5+ A* - C figure, placing us, once again, in the top 25% of schools in the country, and all this from a cohort of students that had lower than national average results at KS2.

We also doubled the number of A* grades awarded in 2011. Likewise, the average points score jumped 35 points indicating each student has achieved better grades overall.

We are delighted to declare that virtually all our significant indicators are up on last year and College trends continue to be positive.  Testament to this proud declaration are some fantastic individual performances from our students, these include:  


Sam Johnson      8 A*, 2 A’s Rory Norrington   3 A*, 4 A’s, 3 B’s Max Mason      3 A*, 3 A’s, 3 B’s Amy Hutchings 2 A*, 5 A’s, 5 B’s Ione Pidgeon 2 A*, 6 A’s, B, C Meg Falkner 1 A*, 6 A’s, 2 B’s, C


Mr Smith stated he was concerned about the Exam Boards grading for the Summer English Units.It appears that the boundary between a C and D grade has been moved in-year. Many Devon Headteachers have experienced the same problem.   Given that GCSE Language is down across 4 Exam Boards around an average of 10%, in at least 20 of Devon’s Secondary schools so far (and still counting) and also in schools across the country, then it seems that orders have gone out from on high to raise the C/D grade boundary. Heads find it beyond belief that this should happen without any warning. Students have been given estimated grades based on Exam Board criteria which turn out to be far too ambitious. To put this issue into perspective a student who took the Summer paper and got a D grade could have achieved a C grade (with the same marks) if they had sat the Autumn paper – this is preposterous;  that boundaries can be changed in-year – it is bad enough it happens form year to year!   For Honiton, it means that our main national indicator, % A* - C (including English and Maths) is down about 10% on expectations. I understand this will impact all schools in an equal fashion.  More to the point about 15 of our students, and proportional numbers in all schools, will have to reconsider their options as a consequence of this meddling. We should not be allowed to play with our young people’s lives in this manner – our students are not pawns in a political game! I have already written to our MP, Mr Neil Parrish and the College will be contesting the results – this is the general consensus in Devon schools.

Despite the issue with English Mr Smith would like to thank all my staff for their hard work and dedication. Each year the pressures on staff and the expectations of students increase and each year we manage to rise to the challenge. He would also like to thank governors, parents/carers, and the local community for your continued support throughout last year.  

Finally, I Mr Smith would like to congratulate our Year 11 students on their all-round performance. He looks forward to working with many of you next year when you embark on your Sixth Form studies. Whatever you do and wherever you go HCC wish you well.



Sixth Form Results


Sixth Form


The 2012 Year 13 cohort results are the best in recent years.   Results reflect the high standards set at Honiton Community College and the hard work and dedication of both students and staff.

Noteworthy statistics include:

  • Another 4% rise in A* - B grades (up a total of 17% in two years)
  • Average points score per entry has risen again (18 points in two years)

Significant individual performances include:

Tommy Shepherd                3 A* & B.  Reading Maths at Nottingham.

Sam Loescher                     A*, 2 As and a B.   Reading Electrical Engineering at Bath.

Annabel Frost                      2A’s, a D and a Distinction.  Reading Adult Nursing at Plymouth.

Jess Doe                              A, B, C.  Reading Medicine at Southampton.

The Year 12 results this summer are the best in the entire history of the College! 

The A-C percentage has risen significantly (students can’t achieve an A* at AS Level).  Mr Smith stated: “I believe students settle quickly when they join our Sixth Form, and maximise their potential as a consequence of our improved tracking procedures (introduced by Dr Bawn, Director of Sixth Form), as well as the excellent teaching and pastoral support on offer.  We also provide a superb admission guidance and advice programme for Year 11 students going into Year 12 and this gives them the confidence to hit the ground running.  Honiton Sixth Form is a great place to study and develop as an individual and staff here really care about their sixth formers’ welfare as well as their academic progress. ”  He went on to add that he is looking forward to welcoming back as many of our Year 11 students who decide to tap into the success we are now delivering here at HCC.

On behalf of the College Governors I would like to thank students, parents and staff for maintaining a positive and proactive partnership.  

Best wishes to all our College leavers.   We look forward to hearing of your future exploits and success anon.


Glenn Smith



Food Technology Week

Twenty year 8 students spent the morning exploring the making of flapjacks! They trialed the use of different sugars, spices, fruit and seed fillings. There were some crazy colored designs, for example, red oats with cherries and cranberries – very suitable for a Halloween party. 

The taste testing was great fun and the majority agreed that Demerara sugar gives a good texture and taste. A raisin and apricot slice was the group’s favorite.

In the afternoon we had a tour of Devon vale factory where students learnt several things. It was hot! And wearing the correct hygiene and safety outfit makes you hotter still!

Students witnessed the use of the metal detector in a factory situation.

They also saw the packaging machine, rotary oven, slicing machine and storage.

It was great fun to be allowed to see inside the factory and to recognise the amount that can be made in a small space.

Our thanks to all at Devon vale for allowing the visit to happen. 


Mr Riggs Completes Apprenticeship

Mr Nathan Riggs, one of the College’s ICT Support Technicians, this week completed his OCR Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship (IT Practitioner). He has been studying and submitting work based evidence to Exeter College since September 2008, he has also been attending day sessions each month at the College.  For Honiton Community College this is a first as Nathan has been our only apprentice to date. He is now a permanent member of the ICT Support team and is looking forward to his next challenge.


Nathan is pictured with Lucinda Sanders, from Exeter College, Doug Piper and Martin Stone from the ICT Support department.



Big Bang South West

On Thursday the 28th June I took thirty four students to the BigBang South West science fair. Four teams of pupils from Honiton Community College were competing in different categories. One team consisted of Toby Pym, Samiya Roache, Alex Sutcliffe, James Turner and Zara Sillitoe. They were demonstrating and explaining a project that these pupils did at school. Their project was based on nappies, and they carried out several tests to find out which type of nappy would be best for astronauts.

Another team consisted of four year 9 pupils: Emma Prettejohn, Sam Riley, Sirin Bozkurt and Louis Groves. These pupils had conducted an investigation on teeth toidentify what type of carbonated drink caused most decay of teeth. They were comparing regular and diet drinks. A team of three sixth formers: Kate Storey, Chris Hack and Adam Greenland entered a project based on engineering where they had made and developed a product. The final group was our successful group. I have run a science club this year at school and the five pupils that have turned up to every session entered a project.

During science week, we hatched, looked after and did a study on chickens. We linked thehatching up to the school intranet so pupils at school could watch the chicks hatching. This was the project that won the category "Best Communicator prize science and maths"   The Successful group consisted of James Craig, Matthew Jones , Jack Llewellyn-Dare, Scott Retter and Daniel Sampson These boys each won a certificate and as a group won £100 in vouchers for themselves. The pupils that were competing were grilled by judges about their projects for 15minutes, and the pupils were fantastic especially as for most of them it was the first time they were put in this position. The other pupils that weren’t competing had lots to do and see. There were lots of different activities that the pupils could do ranging from eating fizzy crisps and salt and pepper chocolate to extracting DNA from a banana. Pupils were also able to see a show about the sounds of the Cosmos. All the pupils were great ambassadors for the school and many have been thinking about new projects in preparation for next year’s event. I would like to say thank you to Mr. Slade and Mrs Bowles for also supporting the pupils on the day.

Mr Hudson



Warner Bros. Studio Tour


HCC TV crew and 40 Year 9 ICT Students headed to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London to explore the magic of the Harry Potter™ films – the most successful film series of all time. This unique walking tour took us behind-the-scenes and showcased a huge array of beautiful sets, costumes and props. It also revealed some closely guarded secrets, including facts about the special effects and animatronics that made these films so hugely popular all over the world.

The day began as we were escorted through the VIP doors ready to watch a short clip on the making of Harry Potter. The cinema screen raised to the roof and the huge doors to the actual Great Hall was revealed.

The tour included all the different aspects which made Harry Potter what it is today. The important part of the tour included the green screen area, this showed how the special effects of Harry Potter were made. This is a big element to our video editing course in ICT so was particularly useful. We got the chance to learn how the creatures were brought to life with green screen effects, animatronics and life-sized models.

The students then stepped onto the famous cobbles of Diagon Alley, featuring the shop fronts of Ollivanders wand shop, Flourish and Blotts, the Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, Gringotts Wizarding Bank and Eeylops Owl Emporium.

The final part of the tour was a 360° view of the incredible, hand sculpted 1:24 scale construction of the Hogwarts castle. It took 86 artists and crew members to construct the first version which was then rebuilt and altered many times over for the next seven films. The work was so extensive that if one was to add all the man hours that have gone into building and reworking the model, it would come to over 74 years. The model was used for aerial photography, and was digitally scanned for CGI scenes. The model, sits at nearly 50 feet in diameter, has over 2,500 fibre optic lights that simulate lanterns and torches and even gave the illusion of students passing through hallways in the films.

Miss Ricketts



Creative Arts Showcase 2012

 Many thanks must go to all the students and staff who contributed to a very successful evening. Considering the inclement weather  it was encouraging to see so many parents, carers and other guests braving the elements. Those who did were treated to some thought provoking visual arts and a variety of entertainig performances both musical and dramatic. This event is now established in our calendar and gets better each year.  With many thanks to Mrs Habbal who instigated and organised it, we look forward to next year.

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