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Year 8 Inter Tutor Results



Here are the results of this morning competition the boys ended up indoors doing bench ball and the girls took part in handball as planned.



SJA 47 points

IST  44 points

MDA 32 points

MCU 24 points

LBA 19 points



MDA 20 points

IST 13 points

MCU 12 points

LBA 7 points

SJA 4 points



IST: 57 points

MDA 52 points

SJA: 51 points

MCU 36 points

LBA 26 points


Well done to everyone involved




Sports Science Posters

On Tuesday 31st January Miss Wyatt's sports science class made posters using their knowledge of sport and nutrition. They were asked to design a food plan for a training day of an elite athlete and present it in poster form using food packaging they had brought in from home. The athletes they had to plan for where either Beth Tweddle (gymnast), Brownlee Brothers (Triathlete) or Manu Tuilagi (England rugby player). All these athletes have different training plans and so they have different nutritional needs. As you can see from the posters the students have a clear understanding of the timing of meals and types of food required for different sports performers.




Year 3 & 4 Gym Fest

On Wednesday 25th January HCC hosted a year 3-4 gymnastics festival. 14 year 7-9 were selected due to their gymnastics knowledge or ability to lead sporting. The HCC students taught and demonstrated the primary students how to vault and move over apparatus. The sports leaders were confident and superb with the younger students. A number of the members of staff from the primary schools commented on how good they were. Well done to the leaders; Ilana Cousens, Chloe May Outram, Iona Staniforth, Sophie Patmore, Hollie Moulton, Aimee Deam, Faith Symons, Paige Ingledew, Lily Walsh, Kaci Brooks, Jonney Glover, Anthony Holt, River Leisk and Kiera Bonnetta.







Wednesday, 8th February at 5.30 to 6.30 pm.

Sixth Form Centre | Honiton Community College | School Lane | Honiton



Dear Parent/Carer


I would like to invite you to attend the second Information Evening of 2016-17 for parents of students in Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8). Information Evenings are an informal opportunity for parents/carers to find out more about College life for their child/children and to ask questions of staff and Governors.

The agenda for this Information Evening is below.

Please can you confirm if you are attending by contacting Shelagh Andrews on 01404 518667 or by emailing sandrews@honitoncollege.devon.sch.uk by Friday, 3rd February so we can arrange refreshments accordingly.


I look forward to seeing you on 8th February.


Thank you



Siobhan Kent

Parent Governor



  1. Welcome
  2. Topic 1: Pastoral Support in College (Mr Robson)
  3. Topic 2: Mentoring (Mr Robson)
  4. Topic 3: Communication with Parents (Mr Robson)
  5. Topic 4: Promoting well-being and minimising anxiety (Mr Wright)
  6. Question and answer session

Dry Ski Slope Training

On Tuesday our beginner skiers went to Exeter ski club to have their first lesson on skies.


They learnt to put their boots on, clip their skies on and stop on the dry slope. It was a really successful trip with everyone beginning to turn on the slope. All the students were of a very similar ability which will make their progress when on the snow develop quickly. They have another session a week before the 2017 ski trip in half term so they are fully prepared to hit the snow!



Fundraising Event for See the Future

Honiton Community College Business students excel at Event Management

Year 13 Applied Business students at Honiton Community College have recently organised a cake sale and year 7 disco in order to raise funds for Honiton based charity, See The Future. The events were organised by the students as part of their Business Studies coursework and both events were a great success raising a total of £239 for the charity. Over 50 year 7 students attended the disco and greatly enjoyed the event.

Business Teacher, Julie Money said “The event provided a great opportunity for the students to develop their practical Business and Event Management skills. The group were responsible for carrying out a feasibility study and then for planning and running the events. The students did an amazing job and demonstrated excellent organisational and planning skills.”

Oliver Gorman, one of the organising group of Year 13 students said “Organising the whole event, from start to finish was a lot of fun and really helped me to develop my business skills. The actual event enabled me to practise my entertainment skills which will be useful for my chosen career as an entertainer. We were motivated to raise as much money as possible for a worthy cause like See The Future.”

See The Future is a Honiton based charity established to raise awareness of the importance of going to an opticians, not just for vision purposes but also to detect other health issues. Money raised goes to Non Government Funded Eye Care Units across the UK and local after care projects.

Leanne and John Greengrass, founders of the charity visited the students to collect the money raised by the events. Leanne said “It was lovely to be invited to Honiton Community College to receive a cheque that was raised by 6th Form Students studying Business. It was great to hear how they heard about See The Future and how they raised the funds. It is hard to organise events, no matter how big or small so I was overwhelmed to hear that they had run a cake stall and also organised a Year 7 Halloween Party. We are extremely grateful for all their hard work.”

Pictured (from Left to right) are Oli Reed, Jack Phillips, Sadie Pike, Sam Prangley, Leanne Greengrass, John Greengrass, Alex Fenegan, Toby Nicholas, Oli Gorman, Lauren Ives and George Hawker.  



Primary School Dance Workshop

On Wednesday 14th December Miss Brown led a primary school dance festival for Honiton Primary, Offwell and Broadhembury. The sessions were in the festive spirit dancing to "All I want for Christmas is You". We had 4 year 8 leaders to assist Miss Brown and they were Ilana Cousens, Paige Huggett, Hollie Moulton and Evie Salter. As ever the sports leaders were amazing and I know the primary schools very much enjoyed it. Hopefully they went back to school and taught the dance to the rest of their class mates!!



Level Two Public Services Enrichment Opportunity

This academic year, Honiton Community College have offered a new course, which is a level two Btec in public services. This course is designed provide opportunities to learn all about the public services from civil servants to paramedics and the Royal Marines. HCC recently welcomed in Steve Nicholas, a serving fire fighter in order to provide first-hand experience of what the role entails and to give the students a sample of some of the day to day duties. The session was split in to two sections, a practical session including simulation of some of the entry tests and a Q&A where students could ask any questions they may have. During the practical session the students were put through their paces in an equipment assembly and carry, manual dexterity tests and crawling through enclosed spaces, all relevant skills required by the fire service. The students had a great time and found the experience an interesting and worthwhile one and I would like to thank Steve Nicholas and the fire service for supporting us in the delivery of this new course.


Mr Skelding -  Public Services Teacher




Feedback Fortnight

Dear Parent/Carer,


Thank you very much for all your comments during feedback fortnight, we realize the end of term is very busy for students, staff and parents/carers alike, therefore, if you haven't managed to look at your child's books yet, please don't panic.  If you could however, find some time to look at them and respond with the form over the Christmas break that would be great.

 Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Yours Sincerely,


Andy Holt

Vice Principal


Shelterbox Visit

On Wednesday 7th December a group of Year 9 GCSE Geography students were invited to visit Shelterbox in Truro Cornwall. Shelterbox are an emergency aid charity supported solely by fundraising through the Rotarian Society and individual donations. The British government provide no assistance to Shelterbox. During the 3 hour visit students were given a brief on the ethos of the organisation and their objectives as a small aid charity.

 Honiton students were taught about the logistics of an aid organisation and delivery of critical aid in very short periods of time (normally a 3 day response).

We all enjoyed demonstrations from the Shelterbox volunteers of the type of emergency equipment sent out to disaster zones. Much of the equipment donated from companies who have supported Shelterbox since it’s very inception in 2000.

We were also given a rare treat of exploring the four types of tents sent to disaster zone, learning about design, construction and use in remote inhospitable locations. Some emotive stories were told by the staff of aid volunteers facing the huge physical and emotional challenges on the ground. Students showed great empathy and thoughtfulness towards the delicate nature of disaster relief, human hardship and loss of life.

A truly memorable visit enjoyed by all.  

Thankyou to Shelterbox for arranging our visit.


For anyone interested in further information or fundraising opportunities please go to www.shelterbox.org


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