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Year 8 Options Evening

Options Evening – 8th February 17:00 – 19:00

It is with pleasure I invite you to the College’s option evening on Thursday 8th February for 17:00 – 19:00.  The evening will start with a short talk in the Drama Hall followed by a subject fair in the English, Maths and ICT areas.  

I look forward to seeing you at the evening and sharing with you the excitement of your child choosing their GCSE subjects.

Your sincerely,

Andy Holt

Senior Vice Principal


National Funding Formula

Dear Parent/Carer

National Funding Formula – Headteachers’ response

As you are aware, we have campaigned for much improved funding for our schools for a sustained period of time. 

In September 2017 the government announced its new National Funding Formula.  Consequently, the Department for Education reduced the amount that it had originally planned to take from school budgets by £1.3 billion (2015-2020) and confirmed new formula arrangements for how schools would be funded from April 2018.

Headteachers have looked in detail at the Department for Education’s own funding information and statistics and have concluded that the new arrangements fall well short of what was promised. 

The attached documentation shows how schools in Devon are being treated under the new formula.  Despite promises to the contrary, your child’s education is still worth less than that of many others.  It is acknowledged that factors such as deprivation, mean that schools should be funded differently, but the disparities that will still be in place for the next financial year 2018-19 (and beyond) are impossible to regard as being satisfactory in any way. 

Some basic headlines – again using the Department for Education’s own statistics - confirm the following: 

  • Pupils in Devon will receive around £30 million less than the same number of pupils in the average funded authority, £139 million less than the same number of pupils in Westminster and £212 million less than those in Hackney. 
  • Over five years, for example, Years 7-11 - therefore, this equates to differences of £150 million from the average funded authority and a staggering £1 billion less than students in Hackney.  
  • In Devon, a secondary school of 1139 pupils will have a budget of £5.4 million.  This compares to a budget of £7.5 million for the same size school in Hackney.  The total funding difference is £2.1 million (36%)
  • In Devon, a secondary school of 1010 students will have a budget of £4.9 million.  This compares to a budget of £6.7 million for the same size school in Hackney.  The total funding difference is £1.7 million (36%). 
  • In Devon, a secondary school of 795 students will have a budget of £3.8 million.  This compares to a budget of £5.2 million for the same size school in Hackney.  The total funding difference is £1.4 million (37%).

The attached fact sheet provides examples across a range of Devon secondary schools, which clearly demonstrates how your child’s education is being penalised by the proposed new formula.  The same percentage differences are also apparent in our primary and special schools. 

Click here for Funding Information and Factsheet

Click here for template letter to send to our MP

To give an idea of how badly children in Devon schools are being funded, when compared to other areas, we can confirm that, an additional £1 million of funding can purchase the following:

  • 34 teachers at an average salary (including on costs) of £30,000
  • 63 teaching assistants at an average salary (including on costs) of £16,000
  • 2000 computers at an average cost of £500
  • 40,000 text books at an average cost of £25

Additional funding could also be spent on a range of other crucial resources and support staff in areas such as Special Educational Needs and Disability, counselling services and intervention work for students across the ability range. 

For over two years, Headteachers have run a relentlessly reasonable campaign requesting a fair deal for the children in our schools.  We have absolutely no desire to see schools in other parts of the country have a reduction in their funding, but we cannot accept that the children that we educate are treated so unfairly. 

At times, our resources and that of the Local Authority are so stretched that we worry about carrying out the most basic duty – that of maintaining the best possible welfare provision – to the levels to that all schools should be able to.

Some schools are even resorting to asking for parental contributions to supplement our beleaguered budgets.  This is entirely unacceptable. 

Headteachers in thousands of other low funded areas of England, are all stating the same facts.  We are delighted that a cross party group of councillors from Devon are also continuing to support our campaign so clearly.  On 16th January 2018, councillors and representatives of Headteachers from Devon primary and secondary schools met with MPs to highlight the issue of school funding once again. The proposed new formula is “not fit for purpose”

In November, representative Headteachers from 5000 schools across 25 counties, petitioned the chancellor directly.  The response was both superficial and inadequate. We now need every parent to step up alongside their child’s school and insist that matters must improve. 

As a first action, we need our local MPs to raise their voices publically and unequivocally once again to confirm that the new funding formula proposed by the government is simply not fit for purpose.  Their constituents must come before any party interest

Our collective work – and in particular, the sustained intervention of local MPs - was important in ensuring that some improvements were made to original proposals for the new formula.  We now need to have this work finished fairly and adequately. Maintaining the status quo is just not acceptable.

Every pupil sits the same examinations and all pupils have the right to adequate levels of funding and support so that their dreams and aspirations can be fulfilled.  It is also vital to our country’s future wellbeing and prosperity that every child is given a proper opportunity to succeed. 

Yours sincerely

Glenn Smith

Principal and on behalf of all schools in Devon


Young Enterprise Success

Well done to the Year 12 Honiton Community College Young Enterprise team who took part in a YE Trade Fair at the Princesshay Shopping Centre in Exeter on Saturday 16th December. The group sold a fantastic range of Christmas gifts and products including unique hedgehogs and Christmas trees made from recycled books. These products were extremely popular with shoppers in Exeter and sales for the day totalled in excess of £250.

Young Enterprise is a national scheme where students set up and run their own business, over the course of an academic year, which helps students to develop vital business and employability skills. Each student takes on a key role within the business as they work together to launch a successful product or service.  The Honiton YE team “Novel Ideas” consist of 12 year 12 students.

The Honiton Community College Young Enterprise team, Novel Ideas, now have plans to publish an East Devon cook book featuring recipes from local restaurants, cafes and hotels. With major local businesses such as Deer Park already signed up to be involved in the project, I am sure this next business venture will be a great success. If you work for, or have links with any local food businesses that would like to get involved in this project please contact the teams Managing Director, Bailey Bachmann (BaileyBachmann@honitoncollege.devon.sch.uk) or myself.

Pictured at the trade fair are Bailey Bachmann (Managing Director), Beth Jacobs (IT Director), Becky Hunt (Sales Director), Lauren Grove (Marketing Director) and Fabia Cloke (Operations Director). Also at the trade fair, but not in the photo, was Lee Mann (Finance Director). Congratulations to all students involved in making the products, planning the trade fair and selling at Princesshay – It was a fantastic team effort.

Julie Money

Teacher of Business

Honiton Community College


PE Highly Able Meet & Greet

Blueberry muffins, crêpes, grapes, raspberries and strawberries all washed down with some fresh fruit juice, not a bad way to spend a Friday registration! This was how the PE highly able students spent their morning on the 15th December as an introduction to the scheme and a chance to meet each other and to talk about all the sports they have competed in for College. The highly able scheme has taken over from the old gifted and talented programme and is a significantly scaled down version in order to create a bit more focussed work. We have left out year 7 and 11 as we haven’t had the chance to get to know our new students well enough yet and for Year 11 we felt that it would be too much for them in such a high-pressured year. Our criteria for selection was that student’s must have shown a high level of ability and represented the College in a number of sports and/or activities and have an excellent attitude toward their PE lessons. We will look to have more sessions throughout the year and students can expect to be stretched both physically and through questioning during PE lessons. Finally, I would like to congratulate all the students below for being selected, they are an excellent representation of sport and PE within HCC.

Amelie Owen, Zara Maynard, Mac Boyd, James Goodman, Harry Smith, Hollie Henwood, Joe Evans, Alfie Siggers, Lois Norman, Laura Beth Outram, Erin Humphris.

Report by Mr Skelding (PE Highly Able Co-ordinator)



Last Day of Term Arrangements


College will be finishing at 14:00 hours on Wednesday 20 December 2017. We have organised for County transport to convey student’s home at 14:10 hours. However your child’s regular bus will have to leave at the normal time and cannot arrive earlier – unfortunately this is the case for about 25 students within College.

There are two options open to you and your child as follows:

1. Your child will remain in College supervised by Honiton Community College staff until 15:00, whereupon their regular bus will transport them home as per normal.

2. You will organise alternative travel arrangements so that your child can arrive home safely.

Obviously, this will allow him/her to finish College on the last day of term at 14:10 hours, along with the rest of the student body.

It is essential that you inform Mrs Clements, Student Office by Friday 15 December 2017. You can email her at mclements@honitoncollege.devon.sch.uk alternatively you can telephone the College. I must have your decision or I will have to keep your child in College until 15:00 to ensure their safety.

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